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Our vision is to establish accessible and acceptable uniform care for individuals with feeding and swallowing disorders through education, skill training, competence building, evidence generation, interdisciplinary research, innovation and global collaboration. 

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To promote the highest standard of education, skill training, and competency building in feeding and swallowing disorders with global collaboration.

To formulate professional standards of practice, position papers for best practices, and guidelines related to the screening, evaluation, and treatment of feeding and swallowing disorders across the lifespan.

To conduct and promote research and innovation in the area of intervention of feeding and swallowing disorders.

To facilitate public, private, and government recognition of professionals managing feeding and swallowing disorders and the individuals affected by them.


To uphold the profession of speech-language pathology, its core values, and the importance of speech-language pathologists (SLPs) as the primary care providers in assessing and treating feeding and swallowing disorders across the lifespan.

Core Values

  • Profession first

    • SFSD dedicates itself to the welfare of the profession of Speech-Language Pathology and Speech-Language Pathologists dealing with feeding and swallowing disorders

  • Not-for-profit

    • Financial transactions that are facilitated through the society in no way will be for-profit of a person or a group in or out of office, but maintained, directed, and documented towards the education, professional welfare, and research for the progress of the profession.

  • Collaboration is the key to success:

    • Intra and interprofessional relations and collaboration for education, clinical practice, and research are critical to the society. 


Dr. Smita Caren Mathias

Ph.D. in Speech-Language Pathology

Message from the Founding President's Desk

Feeding and swallowing skills are fundamental to all living beings. It is a vital mode for survival. In the Indian scenario, millions of people of varied age groups are affected with feeding and/or swallowing disorders. A preterm infant unable to feed in the NICU, a stroke patient who frequently coughs due to affected muscles of the head and neck, an oral cancer patient who is unable to swallow food down his throat, or an elderly individual who is unable to swallow pills, these are a few scenarios which are encountered frequently in our daily practice. These individuals and their caregivers report poor quality of life and health consequences due to swallowing problems. 


Speech-Language Pathology is a specialized branch which deals with disorders of communication and swallowing. Over the past couple of decades, feeding and swallowing disorders, their assessment, and management have been an emerging field in the purview of SLP practices. Yet, we battle the lack of manpower/workforce, resources, or competency across the Indian scenario. We, the Society for Feeding and Swallowing Disorders, are committed to the advocacy of SLP and related professionals in this field to provide the best care to all those in need. We aim to establish standardized protocols, knowledge, and clinical skills to adhere to evidence-based medicine.

Meet the Executive Committee


Appas Saha


Sushmita Agrawal


Jignesh Chauhan

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Bhushan Jirgale

IMG_6331 copy  2.JPG

Phaneedhar Reddy


Gayathri Krishnan


Bhaskar Dey

Meet the Founding Members


Mr. Arun Balaji K. D

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Dr. Smita Caren Mathias


Ms. Rikni Varindani Desai


Ms. Sushmita Agrawal


Mr. Jignesh Chauhan

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Mr. Bhushan Jirgale

IMG_6331 copy  2.JPG

Mr. Phaneedhar Reddy

Dr. Manju Mohan P


Dr. Gayathri Krishnan


Dr. Yamini B K


Ms. Nutan Korgaonkar


Mr. Bhaskar Dey

Feeding and Swallowing Query Portal

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Dr. Preetie Shetty A

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Dr. Mansi Jagtap


Ms. Mydhili Narayanan


Mr. Prasanna S Hegde

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